TopicTime code
Dialogue about baby animals caught by predators 00:42 to 1:25
Negative Inner Voices (this occurs throughout the show)2:24 to 3:25
Negative Inner Voice04:05
Negative Inner Voice05:06
Negative Inner Voice06.07, 06:18, 06:38
Negative Inner Voice07:09, 07:27, 07:40, 07:52
Nonconsensual butt pinch08:33
Someone is fired09:46
Negative Inner Voices10:10
Pot smoking12:05
Unhelpful comments about someone’s weight12:28, 12:50
Mention of suicide (in a song)14:58, 15:28, 16.11
Negative Inner Voices (in a song)15:18, 18:51
Negative Inner Voice (in a song)31:02, 32:00
Conflict between a husband and wife41:29 to 42:28
General war trauma (discussed in song)52:44 to 54.37
Pot smoking54:51
Mention of using cocaine56:50
Negative Inner Voice58:10
Dialogue regarding sexual assault, including by a father58:00, 58:30 to 59:35
Mention of being homeless59:48 to 1:00:15
Pantomime cocaine use, references to heroin and meth  (in song)1:01:47 to 1:03:32
Mention of injury in explosion, death of a parent (in song)1:03:33
Brief depiction of a panic attack1:06:58
Mention of medical abuse of a child1:07:40
Conflict between a husband and wife1:08:50 to 1:09:20
Dialogue about police harassment of Black teens1:09:33 to 1:10:46
Conflict between a mother and son1:10:46 to 1:11:19
Dialogue about spousal violence1:11:30 to 1:11:55
Negative Inner Voice (song)1:16:57 to 1:17:24, 1:17:54
Dialogue depicting unsupportive and unhelpful responses to trauma1:28:15 to 1:34:37
Unhelpful comments about someone’s weight1:34:58
Awkward, unsupportive dialogue regarding sexual assault1:35:30 to 1:37:00
Victim blaming & myths about sexual assault (song)1:37:15 to 1:40:28
Dialogue about killing people in war1:42:20
Dialogue about emotional responses to combat1:45:00
Dialogue about loss of a spouse (military vet) to suicide1:46:20 to 1:51:57
Negative Inner Voice1:56:34, 1:57:35, 1:58:22
Negative Inner Voice1:58:52, 1:59:21, 1:59:51
Jealousy (song)2:04:34
Conflict and unkindness in relationships (song)2:05:23 to 2:05:37
Conflict and unkindness in relationships (song)2:06:09 to 2:07:27
Veteran neglecting romantic relationship2:08:30
Inaccessible, unhelpful mental health care system2:12:49
Someone gets fired2:16:16
Negative Inner Voice2:17:03
Negative Inner Voice (song)2:18:45
Negative Inner Voice, including suggesting suicide (song)2:26:47
Recollection of a traumatic natural disaster (Katrina)2:34:25
Mention of drug sales2:35:34
Coarse flirtation2:36:48
Seduction without consent (song)2:40:05 to 2:42:30
A man slaps a woman’s face2:42:43
Out of control bicycle ride (song, dialog)2:48:25 to 2:50:30
Depiction of an attempted suicide by firearm (pantomine, stage directions, sound effects, and negative inner voice)3:02:14 to 3:03:12
Inner voice criticism about someone’s weight3:09:16
Negative Inner Voice3:09:52, 3:11:16, 3:11:40
Dialogue about sexual assault, emotional repercussions, myths about sexual assault3:10:29 to 3:13:40
Health consequences of alcoholism3:14:20
Mention of sibling conflict3:16:05
Dialogue about abusive, yelling parents3:18:10 to 3:19:06, 3:20:00
Negative Inner Voice3:22:40 to 3:23:41